Millennial pink

Autumn/Winter 2017 – millennial pink

Millennial pink is the perfect version of this sometimes controversial colour. With just the right amount of grey it has a soothing effect and can work perfectly in just about every room. There is some disagreement about what the exact colour ‘millennial pink’ actually refers to, but I don’t think that matters. No-one is going to be getting out their Pantone reference book in Zara home. All you need to look for are gorgeous subtle pinks that work for you. I have included some inspiration and best buys below to help get you started.


Another Pinterest board to get you started with some ideas of how others have styled millennial pink.

How to make it work

Surprisingly this shade of pink goes with a huge amount of colours. For a bold look pair with red, for a strong but more neutral look go with dark grey, burgundy or teal, and finally to really embrace its relaxing tones go with mint, coral or light grey.

Farrow and Ball do some beautiful pink paints which make it possible to paint a whole room pink without it looking too sugary or overpowering. Instead these paints leave a room feeling calm and warm. In particular I love Pink Ground, Peignoir and Calamine.

If you aren’t quite looking for a whole room in millennial pink then you can easily add some simple pieces, like the ones listed below, to give a nod to the trend. Textures like velvet and linen work particularly well in this shade and help to add interest whilst often making things look more high end too.

Best thrifty dusty pink buys


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