Christmas decoration ideas

Christmas 2017 – table setting and decoration

The holidays are coming and it is the time to dig out your decorations, dust off your fairy lights and start adding those festive touches around the house.

I have included some inspiration and tips below on table settings and generally how to add a festive atmosphere as well as the usual best buys.

Christmas stocking and homeware gift ideas coming very shortly.

Christmas table setting inspiration


*images above all sourced from Pinterest

Christmas decoration inspiration


*images above all sourced from Pinterest

How to make it work

There are so many different types of looks you could go for at Christmas – Scandinavian, French, woodland, traditional or simply pick a colour like white/gold/blush/green and run with that.

Other than tree decoration and the table setting it is worth looking at a foliage garland to deck out a mantlepiece or staircase and a wreath for the front door. I also really like having lots of eucalyptus around the house at this time too – it can be a pricey foliage but it lasts for an age and even looks good dried!

Decorations can get very pricey when buying everything from scratch so I suggest buying some cheaper items to fill the tree and then one or two special pieces a year.

Tree decorations

Simple white fairy lights work well on a tree and help to make the decorations you buy really sing. I would personally avoid tinsel at all costs and opt for pine cone/bell/pom pom garlands. For the hanging decorations this is very much down to personal taste but I will be going with clear, white and a touch of gold.

Table decorations

Less is most certainly more when it comes to table decorations. I would recommend keeping the table very simple with some sort of foliage running along the middle and plenty of candles (unscented to not mask the smell of the glorious Christmas dinner). Ikea and Tiger are great places to source them. It is amazing how festive it will start to feel once the candles are lit and the crackers are out.

Christmas decoration best buys

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