5 money saving tips for the January sales

La Redoute Berber rug

The January sale are a fantastic time to buy some key homeware items.

I thought I would jot down some tips I have learnt over the years about how to make the most of the sales. How to avoid spending lots on things you don’t need and instead get some key items you really do want for the home.

Here are 5 tips that help your money go even further in the sales:

write a list of everything you need or would like in the home. I usually do this by going in to every room and having a good look around. My list has – jobs for the home, things to buy, long terms projects to consider.
budget. Work out what you have to spend first. This is probably the most important one. Even if you think you are saving hundreds of pounds by buying something in the sale, really think about it carefully if you don’t have the funds available to cover it. There will always be another sale, and another sofa.
– if you need inspiration look at Pinterest. It can be used for anything from picking the colour of the room to deciding on which candlestick might work well on a raw wooden table. It is such a huge and rich visual resource that never fails to help with my purchase decisions.
think carefully about where to source your goodies. I like to first tackle the shops that I usually can’t quite stretch to but I really like. Often with the sales some items can suddenly become affordable and they will often be much better quality so they will last longer. Of course you can buy less if you go down this route but hopefully they will be things you really love and cherish.
shop online. I start with the brands and products I am most excited about and then slowly work my way down the priorities list. Avoid the madness in store at this time of year and do it online as much as possible. Unless you like the chaos of course, in which case put on those trainers, refuel with some coffee and get yourself out there! Just be careful when going out to the shops because it is easy to get distracted by lots of things you don’t need – leaving yourself with less budget to spend on those home essentials.

I will share my wish list for 2018 shortly in case it is handy for anyone. The picture here from La Redoute is one of the items on my hit list – a new berber style rug for the lounge

Happy shopping


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