10 simple steps to spend less at home

January can be a tight time after the beautiful over indulgence of the festive period so I thought i would share some tips on how I save money on the small things around the home. The spare money allows us to spend on the things we really love like holidays, our babes, and bits and bobs for the home.

So here are my 10 best money saving tips for the home:

  1. Track your spending This doesn’t have to be super detailed and thorough but could perhaps be categorised into something like: bills (including rent/mortgage), personal essentials (commuting costs, phone bills, present allowance etc), savings and play money (anything you spend on fun things like shopping and going out).
  2. Budget. Once you have an idea of what you are spending you can start to really think about what you would like to be spending in each area and see what needs cutting.
  3. Meal plan every week and buy your weekly food shopping online. This avoids impulse buys in the supermarket and saves time thinking about what to make every night. We also largely double the recipe quantities and take the left overs in for lunch the next day.
  4. Buy second hand. I start a lot of research for homeware goods by looking on Gumtree and ebay first. It is amazing how you can often find what you are looking for there for much less money. You can also look in charity furniture shops too – they often have some fantastic hidden gems.
  5. Buy what you need or really want. It is so easy to get distracted when shopping online or in the shops with things you don’t really need. This is particularly hard during the sales season. Keep a running list of things you are looking for and this should help with those inevitable distractions.
  6. Use Which or other review sites when making white good purchases to make sure that what you are buying is tried and tested and prevents you having to repurchase down the line.
  7. Bulk buy expensive household goods when they are on offer.
  8. Buy large shower gel/shampoo/conditioner from TK Maxx. Kinder on the pocket and the environment.
  9. Browse your local Freecycle. We have picked up some amazing finds including a stunning vintage mirror and a drinks fridge! You have to be speedy though as things go so fast.
  10. Repurpose homeware items as much as possible. Before you throw something out, think about if there is another use for it. I have recently used the empty Jo Malone glass candles as cactus holders.

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