10 things to beat the January blues

Thifted Abode - January tips

I have always loved January. For me it is a time to clear the house, have a thorough clean, and start planning for the year ahead.

I know some people struggle with the January blues though so I thought I would jot down just some of the cheap things I find help me feel good about those dark cold days after the festivities of Christmas have faded away.

  1. Hot drinks. There is nothing more comforting than sipping at a hot drink and I particularly love it on a rainy day. So stock pile those hot drinks (I particularly love Pukka’s herbal teas, rich hot chocolate and sweet coffee beans).
  2. Light candles. For an inexpensive and effective way to change the mood of a room, switch off the lights and light a few candles. Even the most chaotic of rooms can suddenly feel calm and serene.
  3. Plan for the year ahead. My mum always said that it is important in life to have a ‘carrot’ to keep you going. At the beginning of the year it is the perfect time to stop and reflect on what you want the year ahead of you to bring. Whether it is holidays you are dreaming of or books you want to read, start planning and writing those plans down.
  4. See people that make you feel good. Even if money is tight in January, try to book in some time to see friends and family that make you happy to be around.  I really think that life is made up of radiators and drainers and when I feel a little flat I always gravitate towards those that make me feel good to be around and lift my spirits.
  5. Ditch traditional news outlets that are packed with negative and depressing stories and opt instead for thought provoking media like Positive News. A magazine I have absolutely fallen in love with the last year that is filled with fascinating articles and, as the name suggest, positive angles.
  6. Buy fresh flowers or greenery for the home. If you opt for something like Eucalyptus then it should last for weeks if not months and it will look great and fill the house with a fab smell. This is particularly important if you work in an urban environment and you don’t get the chance to be around much greenery (or light) during the week.
  7. Cook lots of one pot dishes. BBC Good Food is packed with recipes that are often my go to. I particularly like an aromatic curry at this time of the year that will leave your house smelling glorious and be wonderfully filling.
  8. Find some soft throws and blankets. You don’t have to spend a huge amount on them, in fact Primark and Sainsburys Home sell some great budget options, but find a blanket that feels good against your skin. If you are anything like me it will be spending lots of time on your lap during the winter months.
  9. Take baths.  Indulge in a bath now and then. Throw in some candles, flower petals, chilled music and anything else that will leave you feeling refreshed by the end. I like to combine my baths with a face mask so it doesn’t feel completely unproductive.
  10. Be kind to yourself. If you are feeling a bit low or tired, don’t force yourself to spend more time doing chores around the house. Instead stick a good series on, wrap yourself in a blanket and chill!

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