Best shoppers under £25

Jane Birkin basket image

I seem to endlessly need and use various shoppers – whether it is to fill it with grocery shopping, baby bits, presents or for my work snacks (yes, I snack a lot).

I thought it might be useful to share some of the best french inspired shoppers I have found at the moment, inspired by the eternally stylish Jane Birkin and her wonderful basket bag. They are all priced under £25 and hopefully will bring you as much joy as mine do by looking super chic (and eco-conscious) at the Boots check out.

If you have found any others please do share – I love seeing your finds too.

Best french inspired shoppers under £25

Pea Style net shopping bag

Pea Style string bag, £5

Also Home linen bag pewter Grey

Also home grey linen bag, £7.50

Charleston House Jute bag

Charleston Jute bag, £8.95

BYKI Etsy Mon Sac Tote bag

BYKI – Mon Sac tote, £9.99Soho home Farmhouse tote

Soho Farmhouse Home – large tote, £12.95

Tidy Street Abaca mini Eco Tote

Tidy Street, mini eco tote, £21

Topshop straw tote
Topshop straw tote

Topshop Straw Tote, £22



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