Simple Ikea Duktig hack

Ikea Duktig play kitchen hack

Here are some instructions of how I updated the Ikea Duktig very simply, and cheaply using just a few additional items.

Here is what the kitchen looks like before

What you need for the hack


Size of the kitchen once assembled is Width: 72 cm, Depth: 40 cm, Height: 109 cm

If you add just two straight forward steps when building the Ikea Duktig kitchen you end up with a toy that will leave you lusting over gold taps for your main kitchen – well that certainly happened to me anyway. So here are the two additional steps for the best and easiest hack for this play kitchen:

  1. Take all of the accessories (including the rod, the hooks, the tap, the feet, the sink and the hob) and spray paint them gold. Before you spray the hob gold it is worth covering the surface so that you only leave the rim exposed. I would recommend doing this outside and using at least 2 coats to make sure you get a consistent colour.
  2. Draw around the worktop surface onto the back of the marble vinyl paper and cut it out very carefully. Then (ideally with another person for ease), carefully stick the vinyl onto the worktop. It is very straight forward but can get a little fiddly so it is useful having another pair of hands to help.
Ikea Duktig play kitchen hack
Ikea Duktig play kitchen hack

Once these two simple steps have been taken you simply assemble the kitchen as you would normally following Ikea’s instruction manual and then enjoy!

Ikea Duktig play kitchen hack
Ikea Duktig play kitchen hack

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